Jeep Laredo 1989   -   $1,500

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This is a great vehicle & has served me well in the 2 years. However I need to sell this jeep for school.

Rear brakes replaced in past year. RR CV U joints less than a year. All four tires are less than a year old. Ignition switch replaced last October. Alternator, Distributor cap & rotator replaced this past November. Fuel cap replaced. Brought jeep to Chrysler dealership in March of this year to diagnose engine light and have it reset. Had Steering damper, power steering pump, radiator, lower/upper rad hoses replaced. Heater valve, rad. cap, heater hose valve to heater and fuel O ring replaced. Replaced catalytic converter, O2 sensor and ECU to pass air care this year. Replaced brake master cylinder. Just had the fuel pump replaced & brakes inspected. Back in March I had a full 108 point inspection done. This is why I had a lot of work done before Airecare.

The BAD;
Ball joints need to be tightened. Paint job needs work. Reverse lights have stopped working since I took it in for servicing on the alternator & fuel injection system. (mechanic admitted electrical is not his strong suit) However it is costly to have a mechanic play around & diagnostic these things.
Front/back right turn signals have stopped working. Intermittently they do begin to work. Speakers were never a highlight with this jeep but since the mechanics have played around so much with it's electrical they seem to not work as well as they did once.
Locks on doors & hatch back do not work. Never did. Doesn't cost much to fix but I just never keep anything important in my vehicles because it encourages theft.

The previous owner had accidentally backed into a medium & this caused a lot of the electrical problems. The owner before me spent $2000.00 repairing the damage. Also her boyfriend was a mechanic & rebuilt the engine. So the engine is approx. 80,000kms from time of rebuilt. Odometer reads just over 304,xxxkms. When I bought it, 302,xxxkms.

I have all the documents for the past 2 years.

If you are interested or have any other questions please email me or call me at 604-351-7195
Ad ID: 10742
Stock No: 0
Price: $1,500
Year: 1989
Make: Jeep
Model: Cherokee
Series: Laredo
Body Type: SUV
Exterior Color: Red
Mileage: 304,000
Doors: 4
Transmission: Automatic
Drive Type: Four Wheel Drive
Engine: 4L

City: North Vancouver
Province: British Columbia

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